Living room furniture "Maria" from the manufacturer "SKFM"

Living room furniture “Maria” table and chairs

1749 $

Living room "Maria" is made in a fashionable modern style with elements of traditional classics. This interior harmoniously combines functionality, expressiveness of forms and discreet aristocratic luxury. This set of furniture will decorate a room of any size and help create a cozy respectable environment for guests and owners of the house.

When designing the Maria living room, special attention was paid to the quality of materials and color compatibility. The furniture is made of thickened MDF (19 mm) with deep figured engraving, laminated chipboard and covered with Sayerlack waterproof varnish (Italy) in warm white color. The polyurethane foam decor shines with a champagne patina from the same topcoat manufacturer.

The part of the set presented on this page consists of a table and 6 chairs.

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Furniture characteristics

w: 2010 mm, d: 545 mm, h: 2265 mm

Pencil case:
w: 700 mm, d: 545 mm, h: 2265 mm

w: 1443 mm, d: 492 mm, h: 938 mm

TV stand
w: 1653 mm, d: 492 mm, h: 680 mm

w: 1190 mm, d: 45 mm, h: 1090 mm

l: 2200/2700 mm, w: 1050 mm, h: 790 mm

Accessories for Living room furniture “Maria” table and chairs

Set of living room furniture “Maria” from the manufacturer

The basic set for the living room “Maria” from the furniture factory SKFM (North Caucasian Furniture Factory) includes:

  • Sideboard – 1 piece, 2010 × 545 × 2265 mm*

Features: 4-door, combined: 4/5 glass, 1/5 closed, 6 shelves (of which 5 glass) in each compartment

  • Pencil case: – 1 piece, 700 × 545 × 2265 mm*

Features: one door, combined and completely repeats the design of the sideboard

  • Chest of drawers – 1 piece, 1443 × 492 × 938 mm*

Features: 3 niches with hinged doors and 3 pull-out shelves, smooth spacious table top

  • TV stand – 1 piece, 1653 × 492 × 680 mm*

Features: two side niches with hinged doors, an open glass shelf and a drawer in the center, a spacious tabletop for installing a TV and auxiliary equipment

  • Mirror – 1 piece, 1190 × 450 × 1090 mm*

Features: figured mirror, frame elegantly decorated with carvings

  • Table – 1 piece, 2200/2700 × 1050 × 790 mm*

*Details: width × depth × height, Boyard fittings (table: length x width x height)

Furniture factory SKFM is a manufacturer of exquisite and respectable furniture in classical and neoclassical style, it sells its products wholesale and retail. The company has its own warehouses in Moscow and regional centers of Russia, which ensures fast delivery of orders to any region of the Russian Federation. We offer mutually beneficial conditions for dealers .

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