living room Marquis

Living room furniture “Marquise” champagne

9250 $

The living room Marquise will harmoniously complement the interior of your home. The facades of the details of this living room furniture are finished with decorative carved patterns, which will add grace to the living room.

Living room furniture Marquis consists of a sideboard, 2 pencil cases, TV cabinets, chest of drawers, mirror, table and 8 chairs.

Furniture characteristics

Chest of drawers: width 2140 mm depth 623 mm height 958 mm

Mirror: width 1820, mm height 1350, mm

Table: length 2500-3100 mm width 1100 mm height 830 mm

Sideboard: width 2210 mm depth 710 mm height 2475 mm

Pencil case right: width 860 mm depth 570 mm height 2450 mm

Pencil case left: width 860 mm depth 570 mm height 2450 mm

TV cabinet: width 2030 mm depth 623 mm height 693 mm

Living room furniture "Marquise"

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