Classic modular kitchen "Ariana gold" furniture factory SKFM

Kitchen furniture “Ariana 4.8” gold

2338 $

Ariana's kitchen from SKFM (North Caucasian Furniture Factory) captivates at first sight with its elegance and presentability. It is designed to be placed along one wall, the linear length of the set is 4.8 m. This is modular furniture in a classic style: when installing, the owners of the house will decide for themselves in what order to arrange the cabinets in the set.

The furniture manufacturer has taken care of the maximum functionality of the Ariana kitchen: there are many shelves for products, dishes and utensils, and there are places for convenient placement of appliances.

"Ariana" looks respectable and beautiful, exquisite figured carving with golden patina gives the atmosphere an aristocratic charm. Elegant fittings and original finishing of glazed shelves harmoniously complement the overall picture. In such a kitchen it is pleasant to cook culinary masterpieces and spend cozy family evenings!


Furniture characteristics

Modular kitchen

Color light beige, patina gold Renner

4800 mm × 655 mm × 2420 mm

Waterproof varnish Sayerlack (Italy)

Facades 19mm thick

Bottle holder with closers

Possibility of embedding refrigeration equipment

The dish-dryer module is equipped with a mechanism for adjacent doors of smooth opening from Hettich (Germany)

Kitchen modules "Ariana" from the furniture factory SKFM

All modules of Arina kitchen furniture from the SKFM furniture factory in Moscow

Modular kitchen “Ariana” from the furniture factory “SKFM”

“Ariana 4.8” gold is made in a modern classic style and is designed for linear placement in a spacious room, where a distance of 4.8 m is provided for installation along the wall. Wear-resistant materials are used for its manufacture, which are not afraid of close contact with water, food and dirt . All work and decorative surfaces will retain their neat appearance for a long time.

At the same time, this kitchen set is modular. It consists of separate functional blocks, which can be combined into a set depending on the wishes of the client.

The facades of the Ariana kitchen, 19 mm thick, are covered with light beige waterproof Italian lacquer and elegantly decorated with textured carvings with Renner golden patina. Curly handles and exquisite decor emphasize the presentability and pronounced aristocratic spirit of the headset.

“Ariana” is endowed with maximum functionality in accordance with modern ergonomic requirements. There are many spacious cabinets, niches and shelves, additionally provided:

  • Built-in niches for installing extractor hoods, refrigeration equipment, ovens and dishwashers
  • Designated space for a built-in sink
  • Hanging cabinets with solid and glass openwork doors
  • Spacious countertop and wall apron decorated in dark marble
  • Special shelf-bottle with a smooth closer
  • Dish dryer module with soft opening mechanism from Hettich (Germany)
  • Side glazed sideboard for festive dishes
  • Dimensions (width depth height): 4800 mm × 655 mm × 2420 mm, case – chipboard, Boyard fittings

Our furniture factory SKFM sells kitchen , bedroom and living room furniture in an elegant classic style wholesale and retail. Our catalog contains a wide selection of exquisite sets for rooms of different sizes.

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