Shoe rack "Dinara" 2.0 from the manufacturer "SKFM" in Moscow (North Caucasian Furniture Factory)

Shoe rack “Dinara 2.0” beige

680 $

Shoe rack "Dinara" will express all the wealth of your house or apartment. Despite the sufficient decorativeness, all elements contribute to immersion in a homely and cozy atmosphere. ⠀ A classic shoe rack with an unusual spinning mechanism will help to accommodate a large number of shoes and things.

Furniture characteristics

Width 680, mm

Depth 830, mm

Height 1966, mm

Video presentation



Model range of furniture for the living room “shoe rack Dinara”

Shoe rack “Dinara 2.0 beige”
Shoe rack “Dinara 2.0 walnut”
Shoe rack “Dinara 1.7 beige”
Shoe rack “Dinara 1.7 white silver”
Shoe rack “Dinara 1.7 walnut”

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