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Bedroom furniture “Magdalena”

1723 $

It is impossible not to fall in love with such a bedroom as "Magdalene"! The balance of simplicity and luxury as a result gives only comfort and tenderness. An affordable option for creating a modern interior.

Furniture characteristics

Facade – straight, LMDF with milling + patina gold, matte lacquer

Backrest – Polyurethane foam decor + gold patina, velvet fabric

Housing – laminated chipboard

Fittings: Boyard, Hafele (Germany)

Subject range of bedroom furniture "Magdalena"

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A set of bedroom furniture from the manufacturer “Magdalena”

The set of bedroom furniture “Magdalena” from the manufacturer includes:

  • Bed: double – 2140x2100x1510* or 1.6 – 1940x2100x1482 *

Features: orthopedic lamella base, soft back upholstered in velvet, polyurethane decors with gold patina.

  • Bedside table 490 × 390 × 495 *

Features: 2 spacious drawers, carved shaped front, polyurethane decors, gold patina finish

  • 5-door cabinet 2320 × 650 × 2300* or 3-door cabinet 1440 × 650 × 2300 *

Features: voluminous central mirror, convenient arrangement of shelves, niches for things, figured facade with carvings, polyurethane decors, golden patina finish

  • Chest of drawers “Magdalene” 940 × 420 × 890*

Features: 3 large drawers for things, 2 small drawers for small items, figured front with carvings, golden decors

*Note: width × depth × height in mm, fittings Boyard, Hafele (Germany)

Furniture factory SKFM produces bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens. We have a network of our warehouses in Moscow and in the regions. We have wholesale and retail sales. For dealers we offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

Model range of bedroom furniture “Magdalena” from the manufacturer “SKFM”

Bedroom furniture “Magdalena” (walnut)

Bedroom “Magdalene” (walnut) 5-door. Price: 119400 rubles.

Bedroom furniture “Magdalena” (beige)

Bedroom “Magdalene” (beige) 3-door. Price: 111600 rubles.
Bedroom “Magdalene” (beige) 5-door. Price: 119400 rubles.

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