Bedroom furniture "Valeria" white champagne three-door from the furniture factory SKFM

Bedroom furniture “Valeria” white champagne three-door

1410 $

The bedroom set "Valeria" is distinguished by conciseness and clarity of lines - something that is inherent in the classical style. It is supported by light colors, restrained decor, and symmetry of the ornament.

Furniture characteristics

Bed 1.6: 1132 height, mm, 1692 width, mm, 2089 depth, mm

Three-door wardrobe: 2400 height mm, 1430 width, mm, 586 depth, mm

Chest of drawers: 888 height, mm, 1040 width, mm, 481 depth, mm

Mirror: 1102 height, mm, 948 width, mm, 58 depth, mm

Cabinet: 612 height, mm, 570 width, mm, 444 depth, mm.

Accessories for bedroom furniture "Valeria"

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