Bedroom furniture “Ducale Lux”

2762 $

The extraordinary palaces of European capitals have always symbolized luxury. We have done everything to make France and Italy closer! Impeccable details and elegant decorative elements make the Ducale Lux bedroom set the epitome of beauty that can transform your interior.

Furniture characteristics

w: 2030 mm, d: 2100 mm, h: 1530 mm

w: 2955 mm, d: 680 mm, h: 2460 mm

w: 675 mm, d: 472 mm, h: 617 mm

w: 1030 mm, d: 70 mm, h: 990 mm

Dressing table
w: 1848 mm, d: 472 mm, h: 763 mm

Accessories for Bedroom furniture “Ducale Lux”

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