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Bedroom furniture “Valeria”

1457 $

The bedroom set "Valeria" is distinguished by conciseness and clarity of lines - something that is inherent in the classical style. It is supported by light colors, restrained decor, and symmetry of the ornament. Designers and technologists of our factory managed to combine elegance, quality and comfort in this set. Always up-to-date interior and healthy sleep - now it's possible!

Furniture characteristics

Facade – straight, LMDF with milling + patina gold, matte lacquer

Housing – laminated chipboard

Fittings: Boyard, Hafele (Germany)

Back – LMDF + patina gold

The subject range of bedroom furniture "Valeria"

Bedroom set “Valeriya” from furniture factory SKFM

Bedroom “Valeria” consists of:

  • Bed 1.8: 1132 height, mm, 1892 width, mm, 2089 depth, mm
  • Bed 1.6: 1132 height, mm, 1692 width, mm, 2089 depth, mm
  • Wardrobe 3dv: 2400 height mm, 1430 width, mm, 570 depth, mm
  • Cabinet: 2400 height, mm, 2264 width, mm, 570 depth, mm
  • Cabinet with mirrors: 2400 height, mm, 2264 width, mm, 570 depth, mm
  • Chest of drawers (without mirror): 888 height, mm, 1040 width, mm, 481 depth, mm
  • Mirror: 1102 height, mm, 948 width, mm, 58 depth, mm
  • Cabinet: 612 height, mm, 570 width, mm, 444 depth, mm

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