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Bedroom furniture “Ophelia”

2517 $

Our furniture factory brings to your attention a set in the Baroque style, which embodies elegance and luxury. In such a room there is no place for cutting-edge trends and experiments. The dominant role is played by fancy decorative elements and rich drapery. They undoubtedly add royal accents to the interior and make it even more majestic. In such a bedroom, the owners will easily feel like aristocrats and will undoubtedly receive the necessary boost of energy and high spirits.

Furniture characteristics

Facade – bent, LMDF with milling + patina gold, matte lacquer

Backrest – Polyurethane foam decor + gold patina, velvet fabric

Fittings: Boyard, Hafele (Germany)

Housing – laminated chipboard

Video presentation

Bedroom set “Ophelia” from the furniture factory “SKFM”

Bedroom “Ophelia” from the manufacturer “SKFM” (North Caucasian Furniture Factory) consists of the following interior items:

w: 2200mm d: 2100mm h: 1670mm (61,100 rubles)
w: 580 mm d: 455 mm h: 659 mm
Wardrobe 5
w: 2 350mm d: 660 mm h: 2 320mm (62,000 rubles)
Dressing table
w: 1,780 mm d: 455 mm h: 837 mm (25,600 rubles)
Mirror (12700 rubles)

The price of the Ophelia set without a cabinet is 122,000 rubles.

Furniture factory “SKFM” produces elegant bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and kitchens in a classic style. We have wholesale and retail sales. We have our own warehouse in Moscow. If you want to become our dealer, then favorable terms of cooperation await you.

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