Lv7a4090 Sofa “Bentle”

5340 $

Lv7a3935 Sofa “Elit”

1553 $

Lv7a3907 Sofa “Elit”

2346 $

Lv7a3984 Sofa “Florida”

3883 $

Lv7a3992 Sofa “Paris”

3366 $

Lv7a3955 Sofa “Sultan”

2184 $

Lv7a3962 Sofa “Texas”

2023 $

Lv7a3943 Sofa “Zara”

2233 $

Lv7a4024 Sofa “Zen”

3770 $

Catalog of the online store of classic furniture SCFM

The classics are so interesting and versatile! You can be convinced of this by reading the complete online catalog of products from the SCFM furniture factory.

Here are the classic bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens from the manufacturer, which masterfully recreate the spirit of the era of luxury and chic, but at the same time meet all modern requirements for practicality and functionality.

SCFM Classic Bedrooms – Luxurious Relaxation Rooms

For the room where we spend a third of our lives, there are 12 collections in the SKFM furniture factory catalog. Each of them immerses you in a certain epoch of time, gives you aesthetic pleasure and disposes to good rest.

Here you will find luxurious royal apartments, stately boudoirs and discreet aristocratic chambers.

SCFM living rooms – elegant, beautiful and cozy

The reception room sets the tone for the entire home. For her, the SCFM furniture factory has developed three elegant collections. For each, the catalog contains several configuration options for decorating a spacious and small room.

These are respectable classic living rooms that will adequately decorate the house and emphasize the good taste of the owners.

SCFM classic kitchens – a harmonious combination of convenience and luxury

The kitchen is a place for quick breakfasts and cozy gatherings with the family. In the catalog of kitchen furniture in the classic style of SCFM, there are 5 collections for angular and direct placement in the room.

In each of them, the tone is set by aristocratic luxury, thoughtful ergonomics and modern functionality.

SKFM Furniture Factory – Quality Assurance

For the production of SCFM classic furniture, advanced Italian equipment is used, which allows achieving high quality workmanship. We used reliable and environmentally friendly materials MDF (Kronospan, Kastamonu), laminated chipboard (Russian laminate), which will keep a neat look for a long time and are practically not inferior in their characteristics to natural wood.

SCFM classic furniture is sold wholesale and retail, for fast delivery across the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, we use a network of our own warehouses There are special conditions for dealers.

Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate!