Typical mistakes when decorating a bedroom interior

Many people think that the bedroom is a room without tricks. It is easy to pick up furniture here even for a beginner in interior design. Alas, such self-confidence leads to typical mistakes that disrupt the harmony of a unique family space and prevent you from fully enjoying the coziness and comfort here.

We offer you to get acquainted with the popular mistakes in the design of the bedroom.

Mistake #1: “I don’t want carpet”

In commercials, happy couples do very well without this attribute! Yes, and the carpet collects dust hoo …

But what is good for TV is not always true for real life conditions. After sleep, it is so pleasant to sink with bare feet on a soft fluffy carpet, rather than “burn yourself” on the cold floor. Ardent opponents of voluminous textile coverings can be limited to two mini-rugs on both sides of the bed, but a modern vacuum cleaner can easily handle a carpet or a full-fledged carpet. Take a closer look at an autonomous mini-model (robot) that will take care of the cleanliness of the house while you are at work.

Mistake #2: “A juicy wall accent brightens up the room!”

It is so beautiful when one wall of the room is effectively decorated with an appliqué or a contrasting pattern. Yes, but not in the bedroom. It is better to refuse such an interesting and voluminous design here, especially if you plan to make a pattern in front of the bed.

The bedroom is a place of calm and tranquility, extra bursts in the design are not needed, as they quickly get bored. If you really want to play with contrasting colors, then in extreme cases, decorate the wall at the head of the bed like this (and then, very modestly and neatly!).

Be careful in choosing tones, stick to complete harmony in the combination of colors. Only then the bedroom will help to relax qualitatively without unnecessary psychological stress.

Mistake #3: “I want a huge bed!”

Yes, but the dimensions of the room are not taken into account. This leads to a limited functionality of the space: there is not enough room for free maneuvering in the room, it looks cramped and cluttered. Not a bedroom, but a furniture warehouse.

You can choose the bed according to your wishes, but you will have to sacrifice bedside tables and a chest of drawers. These interior items are not mandatory attributes of a small bedroom, as they visually narrow the space and are only suitable for a large room.

The optimal outlet for a small room: a clever system of open and hidden shelves above and below the bed. The main thing is to provide free access to each niche.

Mistake #4: “Chandeliers are enough for the bedroom”

So you want to decorate the bedroom with a beautiful and luxurious chandelier. But this is not enough. In the bedroom, it is desirable to add additional light zones:

  • For evening reading, lamps on the sides of the bed
  • Additional vanity lighting
  • Closet light for easy storage

The more functional and complex the lighting system in the bedroom, the more interesting the overall picture of the design of this room will emerge.

Bedroom Larina | Furniture factory

Mistake No. 5: “The bedroom set is like everyone else”

The shops have a lot of the same type of furniture. But I want the bedroom to become a special corner, it is important to emphasize the individuality of the interior. Try to avoid formulaic options, because the room will lose its “soul” and turn into a typical hotel room.

The SKFM furniture factory adheres to just such a rule in the development of its classic bedrooms. Our designers have developed 12 design options for you, where they skillfully used luxurious and stylish decor, figured carving and silk-screen printing, velvet trim and golden patina.

Bedrooms of SKFM not only captivate with their noble aristocratic luxury, but also with the utmost convenience and thoughtfulness to the smallest detail. Classic – style is out of fashion, it is always relevant and gives maximum comfort.

If you want to become the owner of a truly unique, beautiful and rich bedroom, please contact us. With original examples of its design can be viewed on our website.

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