TOP-3 styles for home interior

Any style of interior has a corporate set of color shades, characteristic shapes and decor elements that help to realize the designer’s idea. Check out these key options. This will help you choose the right harmonious content for your house or apartment.

Our review includes three main styles in the interior, which stand out among others with special charisma and are very popular.

The main features of the immortal CLASSICS

The classic interior attracts with its ultimate versatility and flexibility. Clear symmetrical lines and proportions, soothing colors and elegant decor – all this helps to create a cozy and presentable atmosphere in a room of any size.

The main advantage of the classics is independence from fleeting fashion. It is always in trend and has not lost its relevance for many centuries. On the contrary, the classics develop and harmoniously fit into the modern format. With the help of such an interior, it is easy to create both a medieval boudoir immersed in luxury and modern, but incredibly elegant aristocratic chambers.

Classic furniture from the manufacturer - Furniture factories SKFM

Classical furniture used to be made exclusively from natural wood, but now there are a plethora of modern materials available with similar performance and identical textures.

  • Characteristic colors of the classic style: various shades of natural wood
  • The main elements of decor: figured carving, patina, silk-screen printing, natural stone
  • Who likes: people of any age who appreciate luxury and presentability

What is characteristic of the trendy HI-TECH style

High-tech interior is always original and trendy. The design of the rooms is extremely concise, all pieces of furniture are endowed with maximum functionality and practicality. Despite the abundance of technology, there is a lot of free space, which is skillfully divided into convenient zones with the help of lighting.

The main advantage of Hi-Tech is originality with pronounced minimalism; this style is ideal for spacious studios that should not be overloaded with unnecessary furniture. The main materials for creating such an interior are glass, plastic, metal and composite.

  • Characteristic colors of Hi-Tech style: expressive shades of dark brown and white, pure yellow, blue and green are suitable for accent
  • The main elements of decor: there is practically no decoration, the emphasis is on lighting and chrome details in furniture, maximum – black and white photographs on the wall
  • Who likes: young progressive people who love minimalism and appreciate free space

High tech

Interior features in the MODERN style

This style is a bit like the classics, but unlike it, it does not accept the correct forms. Asymmetry and extraordinary details in the design are welcome. In interior design, emphasis is placed on the originality and uniqueness of all forms.

Art Nouveau is characterized by natural rounded lines, light shades of colors and non-standard forms of premises. For the ideal embodiment of this type of interior, it is important to have spacious rooms in the house. The main material for decoration is natural wood, whose beautiful natural texture is emphasized in every possible way with a glossy finish.

High tech

  • Characteristic colors of the Art Nouveau style: muted shades of red, gray-green or brown
  • The main elements of decor: stained glass, carvings, bas-reliefs, forged products, floral motifs
  • Who likes: lovers of the classics who want to move away from accepted standards