Bedroom furniture in neoclassical style: Maria

Furniture Factory “SKFM” is pleased to present to your attention the bedroom furniture “Maria”. The bedroom “Maria” is a graceful embodiment of the neoclassical style, where elegance and regularity of forms are harmoniously combined with modern ergonomics and functionality. Every detail in its interior is thought out and does not overload the space. Such furniture will become a worthy decoration of your home.

The sleeping set is made of thickened MDF 19 cm with deep figured milling. All details are covered with Sayerlack (Italy) water-resistant warm-white lacquer, and polyurethane foam and plastic decor is finished with a sparkling champagne patina.

The furniture manufacturer SKFM guarantees the durability of the bedroom and provides a long-term guarantee.

Classic bedroom furniture

The main characteristics of the bedroom furniture “Maria”

w: 2135 mm, d: 2056 mm, h: 1537 mm

Wardrobe 4
w: 2010 mm, d: 660 mm, h: 2250 mm

Wardrobe 5
w: 2485 mm, d: 660 mm, h: 2250 mm

w: 500 mm, d: 460 mm, h: 550 mm

w: 1190 mm, d: 45 mm, h: 1090 mm

Dressing table
w: 1530 mm, d: 460 mm, h: 840 mm

Classic bedroom furniture

Bedroom accessories “Maria”

The basic set of bedroom furniture “Maria” from the furniture factory SKFM (North Caucasian Furniture Factory) includes:

– Double bed “Maria” – 1 piece, 2135 × 2056 × 1537*
Features: orthopedic slats, bed storage space, bed width 160/180 cm, headboard upholstered in velor with a carriage tie, decorated with figured decor for carving and moldings with champagne patina
– Wardrobe “Maria” – 1 piece, 2010 × 660 × 2250*or 2485 × 660 × 2250*
Features: 4-door/5-door model, center mirror insert, 11 storage shelves, 3 rail compartments
– Dressing table and pouffe “Maria” – 1 piece, 1530 × 460 × 840
Features: 3 drawers for small items, 2 spacious storage niches, padded pouf upholstered in velor, surfaces decorated with carvings and shaped elements with patina finish
– Mirror “Maria” – 1 piece, 1190 × 45 × 1190
Features: figured shape, decor with carvings and patina
– Bedside table “Maria” – 2 pieces, 500 × 460 × 550
Features: two drawers, decorative molding with patina

Note*: width × depth × height in mm

Bedroom furniture

Price and product card.

You can see the “Maria” bedroom furniture product card, as well as find out the current price at the link .

About furniture factory “SKFM”

Furniture factory SKFM is a manufacturer of exquisite and respectable furniture in classical and neoclassical style, it sells its products wholesale and retail. The company has its own warehouses in Moscow and regional centers of Russia, which ensures fast delivery of orders to any region of the Russian Federation. We offer mutually beneficial conditions for dealers .