Furniture with a “surprise” on the Russian market

It is easy to guess that the domestic furniture market is full of illegal products. And the share of “left” suites, bedrooms, hallways and kitchens will fall about 50% of the total mass of proposals. But few people know that such furniture can cause serious health problems.

Shadow furniture business of the Russian Federation

In 1997, AMDPR was established – an association of enterprises of the furniture and woodworking industry in Russia. It regularly collects and analyzes sales data, determines the share of legal and illegal trade in this segment of the Russian market.

The report for 2020 is striking in the scope of the shadow business, the sales of which exceeded 40 billion rubles. This is the maximum amount for the entire period of data collection! Events in the world dealt a blow to legal enterprises, whose market share was quickly taken by a “competitor”.

Why firms do not want to come out of the shadows? High taxes, bureaucratic difficulties in organizing legal production, and high requirements of the technical regulations of the raw materials used interfere. And the solvency of customers has fallen, so the affordable cost is the main argument of illegal immigrants, whose goods are on average 40% cheaper.

What is the danger of illegal furniture

AMDPR employees complain that shadow entrepreneurs do not pay taxes, do not invest in the modernization of production, certification of their goods, and are ready to save even on the quality of consumables.

Cases have been repeatedly recorded when, in the manufacture of furniture, they used low-quality chipboard with a critical content of toxic formaldehyde, which is intended for construction, and not for the manufacture of home furniture.

The scary thing is that the consumer is not protected from dangerous furniture, as he can meet it even in large chain stores.

In addition to the high content of dangerous formaldehyde, illegal factories use lead paint and toxic moisture-proof impregnations for upholstered furniture during production.

Ways to solve the problem

The Association of Enterprises of the Furniture and Woodworking Industry of Russia offers a real way out of this situation – the introduction of special labeling of “white” goods. Using a QR code, the client will be able to find out where and from what materials the kitchen or bedroom they like is made.

At the moment, the consumer is deprived of the opportunity to identify a quality product from a low-grade product, because special equipment is needed to measure the level of danger of raw materials. The marking system will solve the problem and help to identify furniture of decent quality.

So far, the crisis is hindering the implementation of plans: the pandemic has hit hard on “white” producers, some were forced to partially curtail production. The fall in sales of kitchen and cabinet furniture averaged 25%.

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