How to keep wood furniture in perfect condition

The new furniture looks elegant and presentable. If you want to keep its beautiful appearance, then listen to the recommendations of our furniture factory.

Take care of ideal conditions

Much depends on the correct placement of furniture in the house. Direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture adversely affect natural wood, chipboard and MDF: they lose color depth, cracks, swelling and other irregularities appear on the surface.

Therefore, it is important:

  • Maintain a stable temperature regime in the apartment / house (> 16 degrees Celsius) and humidity level (40-60%)
  • Do not install furniture near windows/balcony doors and radiators (minimum distance 1 m)

In addition to optimal climatic indicators, it is worth checking the evenness of the floor in order to avoid creases and distortions.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to read the recommendations of furniture manufacturers, which are indicated in the instructions. This useful information will help prolong the “youth” of your headset.

Carefully and regularly>

Dust and dirt are the main “enemies” of furniture, which must be disposed of in time. Use special tools that care for and protect well from enemy “attacks”.

The choice depends on the type of material from which the furniture is made. But there is a general ban on the use of abrasive, chlorine-, ammonia- and acetone- and silicone-containing products, as they will quickly spoil its appearance.

For furniture care, choose a soft rag/plush/flannel/wool/cotton cloth and refrain from damp cleaning. Local and short-term surface treatment with soapy water is allowed, and then it is carefully wiped dry.

Features of care for different materials:

  • It is better to wipe solid wood furniture with special oil, and hide small defects with colored paste or polish. Use only dry cloth
  • Veneer furniture is carefully protected from sudden temperature changes (close contact with a cold or hot object). Surface dirt / dust is removed with a damp cotton cloth, and then polish (cream, oil) is used.
  • Furniture made of chipboard, MDF is also afraid of direct contact with water, so after wet cleaning it should be wiped dry and additionally treated with any wood preservative
  • Lacquered furniture of any type is cleaned of dirt with a soapy solution with a small amount of ammonia, and wax is used for polishing.

How to keep wooden furniture in perfect condition | Furniture factory

Choose the right care products

When choosing a special tool, pay attention to the instructions, which list all types of furniture for which it is suitable.

On sale are:

  • Oils – penetrate deep into the surface of the wood, strengthen, emphasize the beautiful texture and give shine
  • Waxes (solid/liquid) – create a protective film, level the surface (close cracks) and correct the color
  • Polishes (creams / sprays) – give shine, repel dust and dirt, mask imperfections, but are not suitable for matte finishes

If there were no store-bought products at hand, a high-quality mixture for caring for wooden furniture is prepared by hand. For varnished surfaces, use pure burdock oil or a mixture of turpentine and vegetable oil in a ratio of 2 to 1.

Kerosene or gasoline can be used as a home remedy for removing stubborn stains and mold on a wooden surface. Remove a fresh trace from a hot cup with a stationery eraser.