How to design your own living room

The interior of the living room sets the tone for the whole house. Here guests are welcomed, cozy family evenings are spent, and rest after a hard day’s work. It is important to arrange the space of this room in such a way that you can feel complete comfort here under any circumstances.

Do you think that such a task is impossible for a simple layman? With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you will successfully cope with it.

Step 1. Introducing the finished living room

The central room in the house is not only a recreation and reception area. It can combine a number of additional properties, especially in conditions of space saving.

Living room-dining room, living room-bedroom, living room-study … A small survey will help determine the necessary functionality:

  • Who will use this room more often?
  • Does it need a main or extra bed?
  • Does anyone at home work from home? Does he have his own workspace?
  • How often do you receive guests? Or don’t like homemade tricks?
  • Does this room need a bookcase? A separate rack for your favorite figurines or dishes?

ADVICE! These questions should be answered by all residents of the house. It is in the discussion that a full-fledged living room will be “born”, which will satisfy everyone with its thoughtful content.

Step 2 We select a set of necessary furniture

At this stage, you must correctly place the furniture in the future living room. The main thing is not to overdo it with the quantity and dimensions: if the area is small, then it is better to abandon the massive elements. As a last resort, they should be concentrated in the back of the room.

Another important nuance is that it is necessary to provide comfortable passages between the main elements of furniture. Moreover, taking into account all the moving parts on it (hinged doors, drawers, folding parts). This is best done on a graphical diagram.

With the help of furniture create separate areas for relaxation, work, dining and receiving guests. In parallel, for each of them, separate lighting is provided, which further emphasizes the division of the available space.

The centerpiece of the living room is the relaxation area. What is going to be there? Take your pick. Most often there is a TV with a sofa. If the dimensions of the room allow, then there may be several such key recreation areas.

ADVICE! Don’t limit yourself to one rough draft for possible furniture placement in the living room. Develop 3-5 options, and then the whole family choose the “winner”.

Step 3 Choosing the color of the living room

When choosing a color scheme for the living room, follow this rule:

Two primary colors + one tint.”

This will stylishly emphasize the situation and not overload the interior of the room. When choosing a main pair, check out the color matching table, which will tell you the possible options. As a tint tone, white (milky), beige, light gray or even black are ideal. They will be invisible in the overall picture, but they will effectively emphasize the main gamut.

When looking for the right colors for your living room, there are some ready-made tips: Nature and skilled artists create amazing role models. In their creations, they adhere to the perfect color harmony.

Usually, if the living room becomes the epicenter of fun and noisy receptions, then it is decorated in bright and warm shades of yellow and red. For a rest and sleep area, a calmer color scheme in light shades of blue, green and purple is better suited.

ADVICE! Don’t know which colors to choose? Then your option is beige. This is a universal “soldier” that will suit any style and size of the room.

Step 4 Choosing a style for the living room

The design of the living room should echo the general style of the apartment (house). There should be no dissonance here, this is a sure sign of bad taste.

Choosing a style requires an individual approach. Hi-tech, loft, eco or minimalism are very fashionable now. But keep in mind that only the classics do not depend on temporary fashion trends and will retain their relevance for a long time.

The classic living room is the epitome of luxury and sophistication, it is characterized by a special zest: such an interior gives the room a special warmth and comfort. This is the perfect style for comfortable rest and relaxation.

ADVICE! If you like the classics, then be sure to complement the interior of such a living room with exquisite textiles and decor.

Classic living room by SKFM

The assortment of the North Caucasian Furniture Factory “SKFM” includes luxurious and elegant classic furniture for the living room:

  • “Marquise” is chic and aristocratic luxury, where graceful figured facades are generously decorated with gilded carvings
  • “Dinara” – restrained elegance combined with the ultimate versatility of forms, where the facades are set off by exquisite fine carving with a patina of gold
  • “Eva” is a warm home comfort, where the smooth forms of the facades are effectively shaded by elegant silk-screen printing with a golden patina.

IMPORTANT! The SKFM living room set includes several pieces of furniture in different colors (sideboards, TV stands, tables, chests of drawers, mirrors, shoe racks, corner sections), which can be purchased separately or as a set.