How to choose the right home sofa

The sofa is a key element for creating the most cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Much depends on the correct choice of this type of furniture.

We decided to collect all the important nuances that will help you choose the perfect sofa. Complete our short questionnaire, at the end of which you will definitely decide on a suitable model.

How to choose the right home sofa | Furniture factory

What is the width of the doorway in the room?

This is a very important parameter that you should find out before buying. Many customers are faced with such an unpleasant situation: they bought a sofa, but it is impossible to bring it into the right room, because there is not enough width of the doorway and enough space for maneuvering.

Be sure to check with the seller the parameters of the sofa to check whether it will correctly fit into the right room.

What is the purpose of the sofa in the room?

The sofa can become a stylish seating area or additionally be used as a bed for guests. Often in small apartments, he is assigned the role of a bed for the owners, since there is no place to install a stationary bed.

The sofa for relaxation can be of different types, but keep in mind that corner and oval models look better in spacious rooms. Upholstered furniture should not interfere with free movement around the room.

A sofa bed for regular use should have a number of additional qualities: an orthopedic mattress with a minimum number of joints, a strong frame and a wear-resistant mechanism for transformation. It is desirable that a niche for linen be provided in it.

How comfortable and practical is a sofa?

If you need to buy a sofa bed, then carefully check the operation of the transformation mechanism. It is important to disassemble and assemble the structure several times personally without the help of a consultant. Everything should work as simply as possible, not require excessive effort.

What material is the sofa frame made of? How reliable are the components?

The durability of upholstered furniture depends on the quality of the “skeleton”. It must withstand a serious load: general family gatherings and even pranks of children.

It is desirable that the sofa frame is made of metal, solid plywood or natural wood. These materials do an excellent job even in tough conditions.

All components must be from a reliable manufacturer, because they most often fail.

Are there any visible flaws in the finish, joints and fixtures of the sofa?

Carefully inspect upholstered furniture not from the front, but from the “wrong” side. Pay special attention to the joints and attachment points of parts. A high-quality sofa is beautiful both outside and inside.

What filler is used to make the sofa?

Foam rubber is an outdated material for filling a sofa, now there are more interesting modern materials. For example, hypoallergenic holofiber, sintepuh, which retain their original shape for a long time and give excellent comfort.

Does the sofa have a spring base or a solid base?

The spring block is extremely ergonomic, will last at least 10 years, keeps its shape perfectly, and can withstand even hard loads. This base provides good ventilation and moisture exchange, which allows you to maintain an optimal microclimate.

Disadvantages of the spring block: limitation in design (rectangular shape), high cost and the appearance of a creak during long-term operation.

Polyurethane foam filler is softer and more elastic, allows you to give a creative shape to the sofa. But you should carefully consider the choice of high-quality material, since it can be even stiffer than springs and cheap analogues are quickly covered with dents.

What is the best sofa upholstery?

For these purposes, various decorative materials are used. They look amazing, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Eco-leather and genuine leather are suitable for climate-controlled rooms, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable on such a sofa on a hot day.

Velor, velvet, corduroy and suede are “vulnerable” materials that require painstaking additional care. Not suitable for families with pets. It is better to prefer practical wear-resistant mohair, tapestry, flock or more elite jacquard.

That’s all. Now you are fully prepared for smart shopping!