How to choose the right dining room furniture

A separate dining room transforms the house, gives it a higher status. Here, households can safely receive guests and arrange cozy family evenings. It’s nice when there is such a neat corner for conversations and joint tea parties.

For the arrangement of the dining room, you need furniture that will emphasize the individual style of the house and create the right relaxed atmosphere for relaxing and eating.

Selection of table and chairs for the dining room

For the dining room, you should choose the right table. It will demonstrate the status of the owners, so it should be radically different from the standard kitchen model.

The best option for this is a classic dining table, which is richly decorated with figured carvings, silk-screen printing or patina. Elegant decor will give it an aristocratic chic.

When choosing a model, the following important points should be considered:

  • Number of seats
  • Suitable shape (round, oval or rectangular)
  • Availability of additional functions (sliding or not)

The total number of chairs that you need to complete the dining room depends on these parameters. Moreover, if you prefer a sliding table, then when buying, you are guided by the maximum number of seats in its unfolded position. The delivered “left” stool or chair will easily spoil the overall picture.

The classic design of the chairs echoes the main element: here, all decorations should be in harmony with the chosen style of the table.

Choosing the best set for the dining room

A sideboard is an indispensable element of the dining room, where festive dishes, elegant wine glasses and other crystal products are put on public display. Such a cabinet is equipped with a transparent block with glass (mirror) shelves, which add to it a special “airiness” and lightness. The lower part of the sideboard is usually closed with blank facades and is intended for storing everyday cutlery.

Another must-have addition to a dining room is a mirror. And here the classic models are the favorites of the public, as they provide a huge selection of spectacular decoration. Their frame is richly decorated with intricate decoration. The shape of the mirror can be any, for example, a very popular solution is a rounded rectangle.

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What else is interesting to add to the dining room

Credenza is a profitable and effective addition to the dining room. This is a low cupboard with hinged doors, where you can also hide everything you need to sort the table. Its contents are closed with blank facades, which are generously decorated with decor.

On the tabletop, you can place a beautiful candlestick, vase or other decorations for a cozy warm environment. There is a little trick: a mirror is placed above the credenza, which gives the room a special glamor.

Another optional, but useful element of the dining room is a serving mobile table. It helps to quickly change dishes and effectively serve fresh dishes, snacks or drinks. There are attached and folding models, the presence of wheels is welcome.

Choice of colors for the dining room

Once again, classic dining room furniture wins. It uses soothing color shades that blend harmoniously with any home decor. If you don’t know what color to choose, then beige is a universal solution.

White (dairy) furniture with a golden patina looks impressive, which gives the room royal luxury and chic. Many prefer the texture of natural wood. Surfaces under light oak, walnut or alder look especially impressive.

In the collection of the SKFM furniture factory you will find interesting solutions for decorating a living room in a luxurious classic style. You will be pleased with the high quality of workmanship and affordable prices from the manufacturer.