Classic SKFM bedrooms: harmony of luxury, romance and comfort

The bedroom is a special room where a relaxed atmosphere of comfort and peace reigns. Here we rest and recuperate, so the environment should help to fully relax.

Modern trends in the production of furniture dictate a clear condition: each element must harmoniously fit into the space and be as functional as possible. This is the rule we follow when developing our collection.

The North Caucasian Furniture Factory produces elegant classic bedrooms that combine elegant luxury and ultimate comfort at the same time. We decided to take a closer look at our collection.

Features of the production of a classic bedroom SKFM

For the manufacture of our furniture, we use modern machines of German and Italian production (PADE, HOMAG GROUP, ORMA, IMA, GARDINA) and high-quality time-tested materials. The technical characteristics of the equipment make it possible to achieve the utmost precision of execution and embody the most unusual fantasies of designers.

Every year our technical base is updated, and factory specialists improve their skills in leading European companies. Therefore, the classic SKMF bedroom meets all modern requirements for design, convenience and comfort.

We also listen to the opinions of regular customers. After all, convenience in small things helps to achieve the desired ideal.

The North Caucasian Furniture Factory regularly participates in specialized exhibitions, where it exchanges experience with other manufacturers and expands its network of partners. The SKFM collection of classic bedrooms has won numerous awards and regularly receives warm reviews from customers.

Overview of the SKFM Classic Bedroom Collection

Bedroom furniture Our range includes 12 classic bedroom designs, each with a distinct romantic style and available in multiple colours. We have a selection of furnishings for a spacious and small cozy room.

The elements of the bedroom harmoniously complement each other; if desired, you can buy a complete or partial set of furniture. There are 8 elements in total, some of them are of different modifications (bed, wardrobe).

Now more about the range:

Cassandra is a classic bedroom in a discreet, refined style, where the line of elegance and luxury is subtly maintained. The curved fronts and sides of the velvet upholstered bed are adorned with delicate milling, which in turn is delicately finished with a golden patina.

Adeline is a golden bedroom in a classic style that turns the room into a luxurious apartment. Figured and overlaid elements are generously decorated with patina, they look expensive, rich, but not flashy, with due noble chic.

Amelia is a classic bedroom that transforms the room into a cozy boudoir. The curved legs and sides of the furniture are lavishly embellished with figured decor, velvet upholstery covers both headboards, and golden patina further emphasizes the elegance of the shapes.

Athena is a rich, sophisticated bedroom where smooth lines in design help create a stunning homely atmosphere of coziness and comfort. For decoration, we used silk-screen printing, matte lacquer, velvet upholstery and figured carvings with golden patina.

Beatrice is a classic bedroom that captivates with its subtle elegant chic. Warm soothing colors, velvet, refined milling and carving with a light golden patina finish create a special peaceful atmosphere.

Valeria – classic furniture in a modern style with laconic clear lines. The facades are discreetly decorated with milling and carving with a light golden patina; here, a clear, sustained symmetry prevails in the design of the furniture.

Ducale is a classic bedroom, which is made in the spirit of medieval France and Italy. Exquisite luxury reigns here, where the elegance and complexity of forms emphasize the original decor with golden patina.

Larina is a luxurious bedroom where we used silk-screen printing, velvet upholstery and golden patina for a rich finish. The furniture harmoniously combines aristocratic chic and modern comfort.

Lorreta is one of the most charming and delicate bedrooms in classic style. The romantic atmosphere is emphasized by the exquisite golden decor, which generously decorates all surfaces of the furniture.

Magdalena is an elegant classic bedroom that captivates with discreet aristocratic charm. Here we have achieved the perfect balance of luxury and simplicity! Carving, velvet upholstery and golden patina are used to decorate the furniture.

Ophelia is a luxurious classic bedroom that is lavishly decorated with whimsical décor and rich velvet drapery. It turns the room into a royal stately apartment, suitable for those who appreciate the aristocratic luxury of the highest rank.

Feride is a sophisticated classic bedroom with a slight oriental charm. Restrained luxury, outlandish details and moderate decor create a pleasant soulful atmosphere.

You can learn more about each version of the classic SKMF bedroom here . You are sure to find the furniture of your dreams with us!