Classic furniture “nut” SKFM: harmony of style and taste

Among the variety of interior styles, the classics are especially loved and popular. Everything is harmonious in it: regular geometric shapes, elegant decor and aristocratic charm. The finishing touches to the perfect “portfolio” are functionality and calm colors.

Popular color and texture of classic furniture

When placing furniture, the main thing is to achieve maximum convenience and comfort for the household. History has forever captured bright and extraordinary solutions in the design of classic interiors, by which you can track how tastes and ideas about the ideal home environment have changed over time.

But among this variety, one pattern is noticeable – the use of natural wood for the manufacture of furniture. Rare expensive types of wood were especially valued: red, baya, rosewood, ebony, etc. Now there is much more variety in the choice of materials, and it is possible to exactly repeat the beautiful texture of precious wood.

Some shades of colors of furniture especially sunk into the soul of the layman. For example, walnut is a luxurious and popular range of golden brown tones that has a beneficial effect on our psycho-emotional state. A bedroom or living room with such a finish looks incredibly cozy, envelops with pleasant warmth and comfort.

Living room

TOP 3 styles for home decoration in walnut color

Classics is the undisputed leader of our hit parade. It is so diverse and offers a lot of interesting design solutions:

  • Gothic – majestic vintage, where furniture is endowed with a special medieval grace
  • Empire – imperial luxury and grandeur, importance and monumentality in the setting
  • Baroque – a quirky and rich interior in the spirit of medieval Rome
  • Rococo – a symbol of aristocratic comfort in the format of a charming boudoir
  • Classicism – restraint combined with impeccable aristocratic charm

And these are just the main currents of the classics! And for each of them, the walnut color fits perfectly into the given format.

As for the second and third places in our hit parade, they rightfully go to the modern and ethnic style. Each of them is a worthy rival of the classics.

The modern style group includes exotic art deco, advanced hi-tech, extravagant grunge, original modern, trendy loft and many others. This design of the house involves bold experiments with the form and division of space. Here, furniture in walnut color also looks quite interesting.

Ethno-style is a tribute to national traditions in interior design. There are many interesting directions for folk fans here: Arabic, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian – you can go on and on. Mixes of several congenial ethnic species look very impressive. Such furniture in walnut color looks quite organic.

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Classic furniture in walnut color from SKMF

The collection of furniture manufacturer SKMF includes bedrooms and living rooms in this luxurious color shade. The material completely repeats the texture of natural wood in a warm golden brown tone.

Overview of SKFM living rooms in walnut color:

  • Eva ” – elegance itself with discreet and elegant decor, creates a wonderful warm atmosphere in the house
  • Dinara ” – presentable noble furniture with a pronounced aristocratic charm

Review of SKFM bedrooms in walnut color:

  • Kassandra ” – majestic aristocratic chambers in the palace spirit
  • Amelia ” – a cozy warm boudoir for a pleasant stay
  • Athena ” – the ultimate elegance and aristocratic charm in the setting
  • Magdalene ” – simplicity of forms combined with royal luxury

The color scheme gives each set of furniture a special zest, while all sets are made of modern analogues of natural wood, but exactly repeat the refined texture and warm golden brown color of walnut.

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