Classic cuisine from A to Z

Classic style furniture never goes out of style. It only improves every year, acquires new interesting accents and continues to enjoy stable popularity among customers.

Classic kitchen style: interior features

The classic-style kitchen looks laconic and elegant due to the clear geometry of the forms, the correct symmetry and the harmonious color scheme of its constituent elements. Many clients are sincerely in love with this design of the workspace. And that’s why.

Modern classic kitchen perfectly combines tradition and ultimate functionality. Moreover, its execution can vary from laconic rigor to pompous luxury with many intermediate no less interesting options. The client has plenty to choose from and give the kitchen its own individual “character”.

Features a selection of furniture for a classic kitchen of different sizes

The classic kitchen will harmoniously fit into a room of any size. Where space allows, and the hosts love family and friendly feasts, it is better to add more spacious closets and comfortable work surfaces.

For small kitchens, a strict limitation in the amount of furniture is necessary. Here they focus on maximum functionality: they add sliding and retractable elements, which significantly save the usable area of the room.

It is advisable to equip a compact and functional kitchen for a bachelor with an elegant bar counter, which gives the room a special masculine “charm”.

The choice of materials for the kitchen in a classic style

Wood is a favorite material for making a classic-style kitchen. Since ancient times, such popular types of wood as oak, cherry, linden, walnut, acacia and birch have been used for this. Natural material is characterized by extreme strength, durability and positive energy, it is easy to use and is not afraid of moisture.

To finish kitchen wooden furniture in a classic style, stone, ceramic and metal inserts are often used. These materials harmoniously complement each other, add chic and luxury to the atmosphere.

But this is not the only possible option. Classic MDF kitchen furniture is strong and durable, protected from moisture by special impregnations and allows you to implement the most daring design ideas. It is a worthy competitor to natural wood, because it has almost the same technical characteristics, but is much more affordable.

Features of finishing the facades of a classic kitchen

Facades are the main decoration of kitchen furniture. It is they who set the room a special tone, so very interesting techniques are used for their design.

Paneled facades, which consist of a base box and an internal decorative insert, are very popular. They are complemented by stained glass, glass, aluminum, rattan. This design looks good with any basic material: natural wood or MDF.

Artistic carving and more accessible milling add a special sophistication to classic kitchen furniture. Usually they are elegantly decorated with solid facades of lockers, emphasizing the elegance and chic of the interior.

Now patina is very popular, with which you can gracefully decorate a classic kitchen. This is a special coating (or film) that imitates the texture of aged gold, silver or platinum. This decor adds aristocratic chic to the working room.

Popular colors for classic kitchen furniture

Color is an important detail in kitchen design. For classics, preference should be given to calm tones without noisy bright shades.

A win-win option is the pastel range, which we traditionally associate with coziness and comfort. Beige shades are suitable for any design of a classic kitchen, this is a universal option for those who cannot decide on a specific color.

Furniture in light coffee and sandy tones looks very nice, which is so reminiscent of pleasant sweet desserts (cakes, muffins, pastries).

Kitchen in classic style 2019 significantly expands the choice of color range. In addition to white and milky, mint, lavender, blue and light green shades are in fashion.

Designers in the development of classic kitchen furniture do not forget about dark saturated colors. Deep black, shades of green, blue and purple, chocolate and graphite – these trendy shades give the room a special charm. Their beauty is effectively emphasized with a light or juicy complimentary tone. But scale is important here: this design is suitable for spacious rooms.

What accessories are better to choose for a classic kitchen

Fittings for kitchen furniture should match the classic style. Graceful handles will add elegance to headsets, besides, they can be replaced with curly braces or buttons.

Fittings are best taken in the color of copper, gold, platinum, silver, bronze or brass. But it is better to refrain from fashionable nickel and chrome, they are not suitable for the classic style of the kitchen.

Fittings with additional finishing with stones, ceramics or Swarovski crystals look impressive and expensive.

Worktop design in a classic kitchen

The tabletop should be as functional, strong and durable as possible, while harmoniously combined with a given classic interior. The best material for its manufacture is natural stone (marble, granite, basalt), which, with its beautiful texture, will add chic and luxury to the kitchen.

An alternative material for an elite countertop is wood, which is ideal for certain areas of the classic style (eco, country). For its manufacture, oak or beech is used, while such a work surface requires more careful maintenance.

Economy option for a classic kitchen: plastic (postforming), chipboard with a decorative PVC coating under the stone.


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